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About Us

RTB Consulting provides a wide array of services to our clients. Located in Chilliwack, we help small and medium sized businesses with all their financial and tax needs.

Our primary focus is centred around building trusted relationships, and we understand the importance of responding to everyone's queries in a timely and thorough manner. Our happy clients experience professional solutions and personal service that deliver results and peace of mind.

At RTB, we're teaching people the practical application of solid financial management to build wealth strategically and more sustainably. Our accountants have in-depth knowledge and many years of experience in financial management, business strategy, tax management, information technology and analytics.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist business owners with building the business of their dreams. We help set solid foundations and support them in growing profitability. We're not your average accountants, as we like to be directly involved with the development of our clients' businesses. Assisting them with their goals and plans by using accounting data to drive decisions and provide advice, we also believe in using technology to deliver amazing results.

Our Approach

We believe that every business is different from one another, and every company has its own unique needs. That’s why we offer customized solutions for the businesses we work with. By understanding their needs and long-term goals, we help them ensure they are as effective as possible. Our prime focus is to help companies achieve their goals and fulfill their financial needs by using our expertise, knowledge, and experience. Our approach to new relationships consists of 3 simple steps:

Step 1:

Our process begins with a phone call to develop an overarching picture of your needs, and learn about your business.


Step 2:


This step involves either a virtual or physical consultation, where we gain a deeper and more thorough understanding of your business. We provide you with a foolproof action plan addressing your individual needs and goals.

Step 3:

Our custom-made services that are specifically designed to allow you to focus on growing your business come to fruition here. Your personalized plan is put into action so you can start achieving your goals and realizing your business's success.

Why RTB Consulting?

With a customer-centric approach founding all that we do, we believe wholeheartedly that you as a client are a part of our RTB family. We strive to understand your needs and will provide you with the best possible solutions to allow your business to grow, evolve, develop and succeed. With our first-hand experience, we understand what strategies deliver the results that you’re looking for in the most effective, efficient and seamless way possible. Customized solutions allow you to master what can easily be complicated areas such as financing, accounting, tax, and other business issues. In addition, we can provide you with real-time reports and analytics while keeping you updated on your financial progress to ensure you remain informed.

So, what are you waiting for? Be sure to get in contact today to start realizing your potential and achieving your success, one step at a time! 

Our Management Team


Andreas Skutle

Client Success Specialist

Denise Knight


Robert Balazs PBA, RPA

President, CEO

Tereza Balazs


Senior Bookkeeper 

Sylvie Derkatch

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